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  • Play - speech pathology software


    The PLAY started as a tool for the achievement of specific phonemes from preschool - school age children, teens and adults with speech pathology problems and aphasia. It is a support software tool for speech therapists. It was developed and tested by speech therapists with extensive experience in restoring language and speech disorders in collaboration with programmers and designers. It has been evaluated for one and a half year through clinical trials. It was designed to fill the gap in software and tools related to Greek language currently available in Greek and Cyprus market.  


    The advantages of PLAY are:

    1. Extremely easy to use
    2. It uses real life images
    3. Fun Learning
    4. Increases the number of words with the target phoneme in the session          
    5. Controls the difficulty of the activities by selecting the appropriate level
  • Mobile games

    iOS Games

    My First Puzzle

    My First Words - Puzzle is an educational game for preschoolers. The game developed with logo therapists.
    The aim of the game is to teach children their first words.
    The child completes the shape with the available pieces of the puzzle.
    When the child puts all the pieces together, the complete full colored shape appears on screen and the child hears the word from a qualified speech therapist.
    More than 60 words from four different categories.
    Words from 4 different categories
    The available categories are animals, every day things, fruits, verbs.

    It is available in two languages Greek and Turkish.

    Dungeon Geometry

    Dungeon Geometry is an educational serious game which allows children [Ages 4 - 7 ] to understand basic geometry concepts. The child explores the dungeon, collects items, fights with Greek mythology monsters while triying to solve cool educational puzzles.
    With four different types of activities which take place in a physical touch environment, children will:
    - Develop the sense of space
    - Recognize and classify geometry objects
    - Be familiar with geometric transformations in 2D such as scaling, reflection and rotation
    - Have fun and help your children learn with fun basic geometry concepts.

    Christmas Maestro

    Remember all those times, that you were kids, near the fireplace with your family and you wanted to play Jingle Bells or Silent Night? Now you and your kids can learn to play Christmas songs with the helping hand of our Christmas Maestro!
    Enjoy the Christmas spirit with all your family and impress your friends!
    Learn in a minute to play:
    Silent Night Jingle Bells Christmas Tree
    also you can play a concert with Santa and win presents and candies for your xmas sock :)

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    The Second Method

    serious games and gamification

    The Second Method develops interactive serious games and a range of products focused on cognitive training and rehabilitation. The company has published three special education products about logotherapy targeting logopedists and also several educational mobile apps. The active R&D department is specialized in digital media accessibility methods and innovative science communication actions. The Second Method has a number of links with research institutions, university departments and science education centers, such as Science Museums.

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